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Artist Statement
I admire great storytellers. Charles Dickens, Walt Disney, and Rod Serling are just a few of my many favorites who told tales that transfix and inspire. Growing up, their stories helped me escape a sometimes unpleasant reality by taking me on grand adventures, teaching valuable lessons along the way. As an artist, I now create visual narratives of my own and feel honored to take part in that tradition.

My work exists as a curated stream of conscious. What distinguishes each piece is the method in which I express these ideas. Moving between traditional and digital techniques, I approach each image in a manner that allows for spontaneity. Avoiding a strict, predetermined procedure helps the narrative form organically, bringing about something honest and unexpected. This process is therapeutic, helping to reconcile and express feelings that are otherwise difficult to articulate. The resulting narratives are personal, yet also open-ended, inviting the viewer to find meaning based on their own experiences.

Along with conveying a story, it’s important for me to instill a sense of pathos into my creations. I identify with outcasts and sympathize with any creature that feels lost. For this reason, I try to give my hobbled together misfits a chance to find their missing parts. Depicting these rare moments of reclamation is wish fulfillment, reflecting my hope that the broken are mended, the lost are found, and the left out are not forgotten.