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Happenstance Prints Now Available

Limited edition prints of "Happenstance" are now available for purchase. Visit the shop section to learn more.

Sit & Tell Project

I'm proud to be included in AIGA Toledo's Sit & Tell Project. Click here to read my statement and listen to the story that inspired my piece and visit sitandtell.com to learn more about this amazing project.

Away with Words - AIGA Toledo Summer Show

My illustration inspired by Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol will be on display at Handmade Toledo as part of AIGA Toledo's 2015 Summer Show, "Away with Words." Click here to learn more about this event.

Wish List: A Gallery Project Dual Site Exhibit

I will have two pieces included in a dual site, multi-media exhibition presented by Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio. Read more...

Roadside Attractions at Copro Gallery

I'm very excited to be included in Copro Gallery's upcoming group show "Roadside Attractions." The exhibit was curated by Cris Velasco and features an uncanny collection of talented artists. The show opens October 18 and runs through November 8. Read more...
"The creatures remind me of how I feel slightly sorry for items in a yard sale or at Goodwill, or how as a child I would whisper apologies to my stuffed animals in the morning if they fell out of my bed overnight. Harvey’s creatures are neither human nor animal. They are both recognizable and foreign, so the viewer identifies with them enough to draw forth our humanity-to empathize-all the while remaining aware of their fancifulness. We recognize ourselves in the intricate folds of flesh and curves of fingertips, in the shadowy sockets where eyes hide, squinting away the stormy dim light; yet we remain distanced enough to hope for something brighter."

-Kerry Trautman, Splat Art Magazine
"If you have ever caught yourself struggling to articulate a visually stunning dream to someone else you can most likely understand the depth of the work that Clifton Harvey produces. His art directly mirrors his passion for story telling as it leads his viewers through visually stunning landscapes that are inhabited by the sort of creatures that you would expect to find lurking in the pages of a Ronald Dahl novel."

-Taylor Jaskolski, TedFury.com
"The word 'pathos' comes to mind. One feels something for these poor characters. Clifton Harvey’s work is filled with feeling. Almost super saturated. But it is not maudlin. Or if it is, it is excusable by the lush and beautiful visions Harvey has created."

-David Halliday, power of h Weblog

About the artist

Clifton Harvey is a digital mixed media artist born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. A 2006 BFA graduate from the University of Toledo, Clifton blends art and technology to form surreal worlds filled with his unique illustrated creations. Drawing inspiration from childhood memories and daydreams....
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Inquiries about the availability of my work, commissions, or general feedback can be sent to cliftonharveyart@gmail.com


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